Welcome to New Vibrations!
Who are we?

We are a mother and son team working under the same roof, under individual business identities (New Vibrations and The Radiant Phoenix). Although we have different professional backgrounds, we share parallel philosophies regarding the health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. 

Our commitment to treat the whole person is what will make your healing experience at The Myofascial Release Treatment Center unique and empowering. We believe that we offer a service to our community that grants an opportunity to achieve optimal health and wellness regardless of past or present injury, trauma, age, race, or gender. We offer unconditional positive regard to all of our clients. We believe that a more holistic approach to health and wellness is under appreciated in healthcare today.

We provide a healing environment that allows our clients to thrive and achieve the highest level of health and wellness through expert level hands-on-therapy, education and appropriate referrals to other health and wellness practitioners in the community.

If traditional therapies, surgery or medicine did not provide you with the lasting results you were hoping for or if you are interested in learning more about myofascial release, then schedule an appointment today! Come in and experience for yourself this phenomenal and extremely effective type of body work! 



To schedule an appointment today or for more information: 

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We accept most major insurances. Please call for more details.